Recommended Hardware Shopping List

Before your integration technician arrives, please make sure you have the following items ready to go! Some customers have experienced success purchasing refurbished items. You are also welcome to purchase these at a local store (Sam's Club, BJ's, or Costco tend to be the best bet). Please make sure the specs are the same as the products below. (Contains affiliate links)

TV DISPLAY- choose your size

LG 55” 1080p TV:

Samsung 60” 1080p TV:

Samsung 75” 1080p TV:

If you purchase a TV separately, please make sure it has 1080p. It does not have to be a Smart TV. 


Chrome Bit:

Logitech Keyboard:

Required to run Chrome browser on your big screen TV's - one per TV. The Chrome Bit could be replaced with a chrome box if desired.


Articulating Wall Mount:

Non-articulating Mount:

Ceiling Mount:

OPERATOR TABLETS- choose your size, 1 per machine

MachineMetrics will pre-configure Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" Tablets and include a custom enclosure, mounts, and power supply. Should you choose to purchase and configure your own tablets, the list below serves as a guide.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 8":
8" tablets have a better capability of getting power from the machine's built-in USB

Samsung Galaxy Tab E, 9.7":

Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 10.1":

Tablet Mount:

20' USB Cables:

Otterbox Case (8"): The Otterbox case allows for more custom mounting options. You can often attach the mount to the case, rather than the tablet.

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