HAAS serial data collection

Symptom: HAAS machine tool connects over serial, but delivers no data.

The MachineMetrics Haas serial Adapter may report an alarm W0143 Setting 143 may not be enabled.

When connected via Telnet or terminal emulator, the control responds to Q100<enter> with a blank line and a new prompt:

(Note that the Haas doesn't echo input - the only reason you see the 'Q100' here is because PuTTY is set to echo keyboard input.)

Cause: HAAS controls will not answer to Q-codes unless the "Serial Data Collection" feature is available in the control AND the feature is enabled via Setting 143.  The feature can be assumed available in all units produced after 2001, when it became standard.  Haas vintage 2001 and older, check if Setting 143 is present.

HAAS Resource Center - Data Collection Using the RS-232 Port


Make sure you have a working serial connection: After connecting RS-232 serial server, match the serial setting on serial server with setting on machine.

Turn on setting 143 by:

1) Press "SETTING" hardkey 

2) Search for or scroll to #143

3) Turn setting on

4) Press ENTER/WRITE Hardkey

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    The HAAS Serial Data Collection feature, or 'Q codes' became standard in 2001.

    Looks like you can assume this feature is present on:

    VF-3YT (but not VF-3 in general)
    VF-2YT (but not VF-2 in general)

    Almost certainly have it:
    Super Mini Mill

    Models this feature should not be assumed, depending on year of mfg and updates/upgrades:

    HL- series
    Mini Mill
    VF-0, VF-1, VF-2, VF-3, VF-4, VF-5, VF-6, VF-7, VF-8, VF-9 other than YT variant.

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    Abner Musonda

    Have you had any issues with rs232 connection becoming unusable after a certain amount of time where it states:

    Too many connections. Disconnecting.

    The only solution I've found so far is reset the setting 143 back to 0 and then back to the normal port I use. 

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