Adding Machines for Integrators and Customers

This guide is intended for 3rd party companies integrating machines with MachineMetrics. The first section is for integrators, and the second section is for the customers receiving MachineMetrics.

If you have any questions, please contact

Integrator Instructions

1. Using Google Chrome, navigate to and log in. Please be sure to log into your own credentials, the customer should not have a dashboard, and therefore accounts, at this time.

2. In the upper right corner of the Assets page, click the plus sign to begin adding a new machine.


3. Fill out the machine's information, then click the Save button. The machine will be added to your Assets page.

(Please use this opportunity to verify the data we're collecting from the machine. This will give you a chance to make corrections before showing it to a customer.)

4. Click on the newly created machine.

5. In the upper right corner of the machine's page, click the person icon to open the machine's access options. 


6. In the Owner section of the access window, enter the customer's email address, then click the green check to confirm.

Important: If you only see an email form beneath  "Service Providers" and not within the "Owner" section, contact 



You've now completed your side of adding a machine! The following instructions are intended for the customer/recipient of the machine. 

Customer Instructions

1. Open the email from your integrating company titled "---- has shared an asset with you in MachineMetrics". Click the link within, then press Accept on the following page.


2. If this is your first MachineMetrics machine, press the Sign Up with MachineMetrics button. Otherwise, press the log in button and enter your credentials.



3. Fill out your company's information. At the bottom of the page, you'll be asked to invite members of your team. You'll be able to add more later, so don't worry about including everyone. 

4. Check that all your information is correct, then press the Submit button.

5. Log in with your newly created credentials.

6. You'll now have access to your machine! Any additional machines will be added to the Assets page.



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