Setup Stages

Setup can be separated into stages in order to get more detailed data from your setups. Each stage's expected duration is based on a percent of the total expected setup time. The following steps will walk you through using this feature.

Important: In order to use this feature, it must first be enabled by a MachineMetrics employee. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or if you'd like to use Setup Stages.

Creating Setup Stages

1. From the Current Shift Dashboard, click the gear in the upper right of the screen and select System Settings from the dropdown.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Setup Stages section. Any current stages will be displayed here.

3. Click the Add Setup Stages button, then enter the name and percent. (This percent will be based on the jobs total expected setup time. For example, when running a job with an expected setup time of 2 hours, a stage with a percent of 50 will be expected to take 1 hour.)

4. Repeat step 3 until you have all the desired stages. The combined percentage of your stages Must equal 100.

5. Click the Save Changes button. If the button is grey, double check your percentages total to 100.

6. Setup Stages will now be usable from your tablets.

Using Setup Stages

1. From a MachineMetrics tablet, tap the Start Job button and select the desired job.

2. Tap which stage of setup you'd like to begin.

3. To move to a different stage or to begin production, tap the Change Stage button at the top of the screen and select an option from the list.

4. If you tap Production, you'll be prompted to enter any notes, as well as reject or keep any parts that were produced during setup.

Viewing Setup Stages data

1. From the Current shift dashboard, click the Check out the New Platform button.

2. From the left side navigation menu, click the Reports button which has a bar graph as the Icon.

3. Click Setup.

4. Use the Asset Group dropdown to choose which workcetners you'd like to view, and the Range dropdown to decide the date range.

5. Click the Export Data button at the top right of the report to download the raw data as a CSV. (If nothing happens, please ensure your ad/pop-up blocker is not active on this page.)



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