Creating Downtime Monitors


1. Go to

2. From the navigation bar on the left side, click the Heart icon to go to the monitors page.

3. In the upper right corner, click the plus button to create a new monitor.

4. Name your monitor and select an Asset. If this monitor is intended to apply to all workcenters, leave the Asset set to All. Leave the State set to Enabled.

5. Change the Monitor Type to Downtime. Leave the Alarm field blank.

7. In the Action window, set the type of action to either "Create an Incident" or "Send a notification".

8. Set the assignee of the notification. This user will be associated with any incidents created by this monitor, and it will use their profile data for sending notifications. 

(You can change your notification preferences at or add new users from

9. Leave the Resolve field as Manual and Priority as desired.

10. In the Delay field, set how many minutes you'd like to have passed of machine idle time before this monitor is triggered. (This only applies to the downtime between the start of a shift, and a machine's first active time. The monitor will not trigger from a downtime mid shift.)

11. If you'd like to have multiple actions tied to this monitor, such as notifying multiple people or creating both an incident and notification, click the plus sign at the top right of the action window and repeat steps 7 - 10.


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