Bookmarking Reports

Bookmarking a report allows you quickly navigate to a specific report & moving timeframe without needing to use the date picker. For example "This week's Utilization report". This allow those less familiar with the system to quickly access key data.

Note: These instructions are intended to be used with the Chrome web browser.

1. From the Current Shift Dashboard, click the Current Shift Dashboard button and select the desired report from the drop-down. 

2. Click either of two dates in the upper right of the report, then right click on the shortcut you'd like to bookmark. ex "Today", "Last Month".

3. Select Copy Link Address from the menu.

4. In the upper right corner of your web browser, click the three vertical dots to open the options menu. Then, hover your cursor over Bookmarks, then click Bookmark Manager.

5. From the Bookmark Manager, click then three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select Add new bookmark

6. Enter whatever name you'd like for the bookmark, then right click in the URL field and select paste. Click Save.

This URL can also be used to create a desktop shortcut.

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