MTConnect Service Restart / Start

This article will walk you through the steps of restarting a service on your machine control as well as provide a few additional settings to help prevent the need to do so again. The exact name of the service will vary depending on the exact control and service you are using.

Please Note: These instructions are only relevant for controls that natively support MTConnect (example: Okuma and Mazak). 

1. From the machine control, click on the windows button and type "services" into the search bar. Then click Services from the "Programs" section.


2. Find the service you need to restart, then right click on it. If you are restarting an MT Connect service, it will likely be named something similar to MTC service or MTConnect service.


3. From the menu, you can either Start or Restart the service. If the service isn't running, start the service. If the service is running, restart the service.

4. Next, from the same menu, click Properties.


5. From the "Recovery" tab, set First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures, to Restart the Service.

6. Click OK. Your service should now be running and will restart automatically in the future.

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