Splitting Downtime from the Operator View

Downtime events can be split from the operator view. In order to split downtime, an operator must first categorize any current downtime event. Once that is done, splitting the downtime is just like categorizing another downtime. See below for the step by step.


1. Categorize downtime for any currently ongoing downtime event. This downtime reason will be for all downtime prior to the split.


2. Tap the "Split Downtime" button, located top center of the tablet in place of the "Add Downtime Reason" button.


3. Categorize the split downtime. This will be the downtime reason for the downtime after the split.


4. Along the top of the operator view, the new downtime will begin tracking, and your old downtime will still be categorized as the first reason you selected. You may repeat this process to contiually split downtimes as they occur.







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    Bill Bither

    Yes. Each downtime category has the ability to be Planned, Unplanned, or Operator's choice.

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    Christian Garcia

    Can we split the Planned and Non Planned Downtime now?


    So the Planned Downtime (Like Lunch Brake) doesnt affect the productivity?

    As is Planned Downtime,

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