Troubleshooting MTConnect on Mazak Machines

Occasionally the MTConnect Adapter service on the Mazak machine fails to restart when the machine control is rebooted. MachineMetrics will consider the machine "not reporting". If the machine is powered on and the MTConnect adapter is running properly, you should see the blue idle status or a status other than "not reported for X time". If the machine is powered on, then it's possible the MTConnect adapter is not running. Follow these steps for diagnosing the restarting the adapter:

1) Go into Windows from the machine control by clicking the bottom left and bringing up the start menu. Type "Run" and in the prompt enter "CMD". This will bring up the command window.

2) In the command window, type "telnet localhost 7878". If you see a stream of data, then the MTConnect Adapter is running and there must be a networking problem. Please check your network and settings and make sure the firewall is off or excludes port 7878. If telnet doesn't connect, then the service on the machine is not running.

3) Go into Control Panel, Advanced Settings, and open Component Services. In the list of services, you should see MTConnect or "Mazak MTConnect". Select that service. If it's not running, you will need to start the service. Contact your Mazak dealer and ask for an upgraded MTConnect adapter as older adapters can sometimes fail to restart. This has been resolved in newer software versions.

4) Go back to your command prompt and telnet into port 7878 to check for the MTConnect adapter stream.

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