Setting up a Tablet with MachineMetrics Tablet View

We support Samsung Galaxy Tablets as the operator interface to MachineMetrics. The preferred tablet is the 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which can be powered by many machine's USB ports. See Recommended Tablets for more information.

MachineMetrics provides a custom application that allows the Workcenter view to run continuously, and prevents an operator from mistakenly or purposefully running other applications on the tablets. It also locks the user into the Workcenter tablet view and automatically registers the tablet to a specific machine.

The first step is to ensure the tablet is updated with the latest version of android. This could take a few minutes, and if you update all of your tablets at the same time, requires quite a bit of bandwidth and time to download and install of of the updates.

The next step is to disable the lock screen. Without this disabled, it's possible to exit the application by locking the screen and then using the shortcuts on the screen. The Tablet View will prevent you from leaving the application, so there is no need to use a lock screen in practice. This needs to be done manually and can be set before or after installing the application. Go to the "Lock screen and security" under settings and set "Screen lock type" to None (it defaults to swipe).

If you are using power from the machine to charge your tablet, you will want to make sure all apps are closed, and that you turn off GPS, Bluetooth and any other apps that run in the background. You can access these settings by sliding from the top of the screen. It will bring up a screen as shown below. We have found that the 8" tablets keep a charge when plugged into the USB on machine controls only if these extra services are turned off.

Next, you need to download the APK file that installs the MachineMetrics TabletView application by going to Chrome and typing the following URL into the tablet:

It will download a file named "machinemetrics-tabletview.apk" into the "Download History" folder located in the "My Files" application in the tablets home screen.

Tap the file you downloaded. There will be a security warning because you downloaded the file from a 3rd party (that would be MachineMetrics). Follow the instructions by going into settings, unblocking the file, and running the install.

You will need to turn on certain permissions for the application to function. The microphone and camera can be blocked if you wish, but others should be turned on. Accept the security permission changes.

You will be brought to a settings page that asks you to permit drawing over other apps. You must turn this feature on. 

Click the home button on the tablet. This will bring up the launcher. Select "MachineMetrics Tablet View".


The application is running. You must now use the login that you plan on using for this tablet to register the tablet with the machine. 

Once you are authenticated and logged in, you are asked to select the machine that this tablet will be viewing, and if it's the performance or utilization Workcenter view. Most our customers choose the performance view. Click Register.

One of the last steps is to set the MachineMetrics Application as the default Home Screen. Navigate to Android Settings> Applications> Default Applications> Home Screen, Tap MachineMetrics Tablet View and then the Home button on the tablet to save changes.



The tablet might ask you to update Google play services after you log in. Go ahead and update google play and restart the device. If you don't, the device will still function, but some remote management capabilities will be disabled.

Now your tablet will be configured and locked to the machine that you chose. The only way to get back to the settings is to slide down from the top of the screen and choose "Exit to Launcher". You will need the password to access any of your tablets other features or applications.

If you ever run into the situation where opening MachineMetrics Tablet View causes it to go to system settings each time as opposed to opening the application, make sure you close all open applications using the application window button next to the main button on the tablet, and then try it again.


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