Configuring an android tablet for operator input

The best way to add human context to machine data is through a touchscreen tablet that's mounted on or near the machine. There are a variety of mounts that can be used. The simplest using velcro, but mounts can be purchased that position the tablet directly above or to the side of the machine's HMI. Some of our customers have had luck with this $25 tablet mount pictured below.

The tablet will need a 5V USB power source to keep it charged. Sometimes the USB on the machine control is enough to keep the tablet powered. If not, find a 110V power outlet and plug in the included USB with power block. Often the cleanest solution is a custom installation of a 24V to 5V power supply inside the machine connected to a USB port that's mounted on the machine. We like to use this power supply.

Part of your subscription of MachineMetrics includes a native android application that will run the Workcenter View and prevent operators from using other applications on the tablet. Instructions for setting that up are here: Setting up a Tablet with MachineMetrics Tablet View. This allows very easy tablet registration where you select the machine to view, and the tablet will only view the workcenter view on that machine. 

Alternatively you can install a kiosk application yourself and manage it yourself. We recommend  android-kiosk for that. This would need to be purchased and managed by your IT Department.


Go to our list of supported tablets to make sure you buy tablets that will work well with MachineMetrics.



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