Citizen-Cincom L20 and M32 with M7 control integration

All Citizens with a Mitsubishi M7/700 control support the MachineMetrics MTConnect Adapter. All that needs occur is connecting an ethernet cable from the control to the factory network. Wireless is not supported for this integration.

1) Remove the front and back cover over the main electronics enclosure. You may need to remove the lubricator unit. Be careful not to kink and of the hoses and wires.

2) Run a Cat5e cable through the back of the machine through the gasket (you will have to loosen the rubber gasket). Older L20's have foam firewall which you can pass through by loosening those 2 screws.

3) Snake the Cat5e cable to the front of the enclosure, and up through the control arm. Avoid being near the high voltage cables and exposed high voltage contacts. 

4) Remove 3 of the 4 screws on the control arm cover. Loosen the 4th screw and pivot the cover out of the way. 

5) Snake the cable through the control arm and into the back of the control. Open the control cover by unlocking with the key from the top of the control.

6) Connect the Cat5e cable to the ethernet port on the control, zip-tie in place, and close and secure the cover.

7) Secure the electrical cover panels


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