How to turn on Fanuc FOCAS

To configure Fanuc FOCAS:


1) Press the SYSTEM hardkey.

2) Press the right scroll softkey (under the screen) until you see EMBDD

3) select EMBDD

4) Enter your desired IP, Subnet, and Gateway.

4) Select FOCAS2, if that option is not available press the PAGE DOWN key until you see FOCAS settings.

5) Set FOCAS port to TCP 8193, UDP should be left blank.

6) Select RESTART (or similar) and select EXECUTE. If these options are not available, power cycle machine.

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    If a machine pings but doesn't show up in the FOCAS Library Detector or won't accept connections to port 8193, review this list!

    Specifically the EMBDD setting, the FOCAS port 8193, and that the machine has been restarted/rebooted after any changes to these settings.

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