Detect if a machine has Fanuc Focas 2

Many Fanuc "i" series control have Fanuc FOCAS support, which will integrate seamlessly with MachineMetrics. To check if your control supports Fanuc FOCAS, try the following:

On the machine control press the system hardkey, then the scroll using the right arrow softkey until you see the menu option (ETHPRM). If you do not see a ETHPRM option your machine does not have FOCAS equipped.

If you do see ETHPRM, select it. Look for an option "EMBDD" or "EMBED", select this.

On some controls you may see an option for "FOCAS 2" if not, press the Page Down key. You should see FOCAS options displayed. If you do not see either of these your machine is not capable of FOCAS data. But fear not, we have many more ways of getting data from your machine!

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