Importing and Updating Job Information

Updating your job information in MachineMetrics is simple and easy to do.  Job records can be individually edited by clicking on the job and updating the necessary fields, but if you have more than a few to edit or need to add new jobs this is a more efficient way to do it.  

Use the Settings Gear to navigate to the "Jobs" page.  Next, click on the "Export Active Jobs" button - this will automatically export all of your current job data to Excel.  In Excel, you can make any changes needed to the CSV file.   

Once you have your CSV file updated and you're ready to re-import, or import for the first time, use the "Choose file" button to select your new CSV file to upload.  If you click on the "Archive Old Jobs" button, prior to uploading your file, any jobs that are no longer found in the new CSV file will be archived.  Finally, click on "Upload CSV" to upload your new CSV file.  Any job records whose name matches in the new CSV file will be updated.    

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