Advanced Job Search Syntax

When searching for jobs, we search both the Name and Part fields by default. Any jobs that have a Name or Part field that start with the search text will be found.

1009 - Matches jobs where the name or part field starts with 1009 like 1009333 or 1009123

In addition to searching the Name and Part fields, you can also use our filter keys to find jobs based on other information. The filter keys are:

  • job or name
  • description
  • part
  • operation
  • lot 
  • program

If there are spaces in what you are trying to search for, it must be wrapped in quotes.

Matches jobs where the name starts with 1009333

name:1009333 part:12F833999
Matches jobs where the name starts with 1009333 and the part starts with 12F833999

Matches jobs where the program associated with that job (or on machines associated with that job) for auto dispatch starts with 9009

Filter keys can be combined with the traditional search as well.

description:"barrel finishing" 1009
Matches jobs with a description starting with "barrel finishing" and has a name or part field that starts with 1009

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