Tablet Troubleshooting - How to refresh tablets in workcenter view

Refreshing a tablet can resolve issues such as slow performance or an unresponsive workcenter view.


1. Drag your finger down from the top right of the tablet screen towards the bottom right.

2. From the menu bar that appears, tap the MachineMetrics logo. The screen will turn white, refresh, then return to the workcenter view.

Refresh from the Web App

(This can be done from any device capable of running a web browswer)

1. From the Current shift Dashboard. Choose gear icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.  

2. Select "Tablets" from the dropdown list.

3. Choose the machine name the tablet is associated to.

4. Select the refresh button and to exit, click anywhere outside of that tablet settings screen.

Additional Support

If all steps above were followed and there was no success you can submit a support ticket to our development team:  They can refresh your tablets remotely.

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