Automatically Reject Parts

This will show you how to add a rule to one or more workcenters that will automatically reject parts based on the bad part counter. (Note: This functionality is not available on all machines)


1. In the upper right of your screen, click the gear symbol.

2. From the drop-down menu, select Rules.


3. At the bottom right of the "Rules" section, click the Create Rule button.


4. Your settings should be as follows

Description: (Text of your choice)

Action: "Reject Part"

With Reason: (Select a Reject Reason. Click here to learn how to add one.)

When: "Any Workcenter" (Picking a specific workcenter will cause the rule to only affect the chosen center.)

Metric: "Part Count" and "Bad"

Value: "Increases"


5. Once you have entered the desired settings, at the bottom right of the window click the Save Changes button.

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