Automatically Reject Parts

This will show you how to add a rule to one or more workcenters that will automatically reject parts based on the bad part counter.


1. In the upper right of your screen, click the gear symbol.

2. From the drop-down menu, select Rules.


3. At the bottom right of the "Rules" section, click the Create Rule button.


4. Your settings should be as follows

Description: (Text of your choice)

Action: "Reject Part"

With Reason: (Select a Reject Reason. Click here to learn how to add one.)

When: "Any Workcenter" (Picking a specific workcenter will cause the rule to only affect the chosen center.)

Metric: "Part Count" and "Bad"

Value: "Increases"


5. Once you have entered the desired settings, at the bottom right of the window click the Save Changes button.

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