Historical Performance Dashboard

MachineMetrics is known for its simplicity and beautiful dashboards displayed on big TV's installed across the shop floor to drive productivity. Our latest release adds a new dashboard that will be especially appealing to managers and executives. The new Historical Performance Dashboard will display Utilization, OEE, or Parts Goal for the current day or shift and the previous 4 periods. It provides a summary of all machines and lists each individual machine or group of machines (your choice). We've designed the dashboard so that in full-screen mode it occupies the entire screen and can easily display 24 machines or groups on a single display on a TV mounted traditionally and as many as 80 machines or groups when the TV is mounted vertically (portrait) mode.


This dashboard supports kiosk mode in Google Chrome OS, so you can ensure the view you want to display always is active, even after a power outage. To go to this new dashboard click "Performance Dashboard" in your navigation drop-down. Choose the settings you wish to display, then click the full-screen button in the lower right and put your browser in full-screen mode.

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