Gateway Connectivity and Recovery

Your MachineMetrics Gateway is designed to power back on after a power failure. Also, if internet connectivity is lost, it continues to receive data from your machines and maintains a backup of it so when the connection is restored, all data that was captured will be sent.

If our system detects that your Gateway is no longer reporting data, you can enable an option in your Profile to receive notifications ( When communication is restored, you will receive a followup notification. By default, Administrators have this option enabled.

Another way to tell that the Gateway is failing to send data to our system is you'll notice that the status above each workcenter tile is gray and the "Not reported" message will be displayed with duration of the outage.

If you receive a notification that your Gateway is disconnected, check the following items to get your system back online:

  • Ensure that the Gateway is powered on. If the blue light is on, proceed to the next step instead of power-cycling the device. Power-cycling will result in data loss during the period that the Gateway is turning off and on. It will, however, maintain all data that was captured before and after a restart or power failure.
  • Confirm that the network cable has a solid connection. Check that the lights on the used ethernet ports on the back of the device and any switches that the Gateway is plugged into are blinking.
  • Make sure that the network that the Gateway is connected to sending data to our cloud is operational and can access the internet.
  • Confirm that any firewall rules permit access to the following URLs:
  • As a last resource, power-cycle the Gateway. To power-cycle the Gateway, hold the power button on the front of the device for 5 seconds. Wait 2 seconds, then press the power button again. Allow 5 minutes for the device to fully power on.

Depending on how long the Gateway was disconnected, the time for the backup data to be sent and processed can vary. This will cause the status above the workcenter tiles to continue to display "Not reporting", but the displayed duration will slowly count down until all processing is caught up and the machines are reporting in real time.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact us at for further assistance.

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