User Permissions (Adding and Modifying)

The following are the User roles and permissions:

Executive:  Is the highest level and has access to edit and view everything including reports and changing settings

Manager:  Same permissions as Executive role just helps us to differentiate our customers

Operator: Has access to reports and can edit and add jobs

Kiosk:  Is any device (non-human user) This role has permissions to view reports, start/stop jobs and categorize downtime 

Note:  Only Executives and Managers can invite users and assign roles


On the home page, first select the "settings gear" located at the top right hand corner of the app.  Select "Users" Here you can see all the names of the current users and their roles.  


Scroll below to see any users who have not yet accepted your invite to use the app.  To invite users, select the "Invite Others" tab located at the bottom right corner.  Simply add their e-mail and assign user a role from the dropdown menu.  

You can also delete a user or modify their role by clicking on the users name when in the "Users" tab.  You will be prompted with the users profile and be able to make the necessary modifications.  Be sure to save your changes before closing the window.

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