Machine Timeline View

The timeline view is one of the more powerful views in MachineMetrics. It displays machine status, parts produced, conditions (faults, warnings) and downtime reasons for a specified machine. 

To access the timeline, click on a machine tile and select the clock icon. Alternatively if you are already in the machine reports section, just choose "Timeline" from the left navigation bar.

The timeline is designed to be zoomed with a mousewheel or touchpad gesture. As you zoom, more information appears, such as part cycles. Up to one week at a time can be selected from the date picker. To get more detail on an event, such as a condition, hover on that event with your mouse and the tooltip will provide more info.

The timeline is also used to categorize downtime retroactively. Clicking on any downtime event in the timeline, brings up a downtime form. Select a reason, and optionally include a message, then save changes.

You may split a single downtime event into two events by checking the "Split Downtime" box.


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