Timelines View

This article describes the Timelines View. Very useful for displaying the in-cycle status of each of your machines over time. By displaying each machine together, patterns that effect other machines can be surfaced.

To access this view, click "Live Dashboard" and select "Timelines".

This will display today's timeline of all of your machines in the selected group.

Navigate to a different day be clicking the forward or back arrows in the upper right, or selecting a date in the time-picker. This view currently only supports one day at a time. You can zoom in on a time with your mousewheel, or by pinch zooming on a touchscreen. To scroll down, hover over the machine names and use your mousewheel or touchpad scroll gesture, otherwise you'll zoom in our out on the timeline.

The color green indicates the machine was in-cycle.

The color blue indicates the machine was not in-cycle. It could mean a few different idle states. Ready, Interrupted, Program Stopped. Hovering your mouse over the timeline will display a tooltip indicating the type of idle state.

The color gray indicates that the machine was powered off, or the system was not connected to the machine.

Clicking one of the bars or the machine name will navigate to the individual machine timeline, providing more detailed information on a single machine such as machine faults, and part cycles.



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