Real-time Machine Utilization Dashboards & Utilization Reporting

Getting immediate value out of MachineMetrics can be as simple as displaying a dashboard of your factory floor with basic machine data with utilization goals. This requires very little training and support, and is the easiest way to gain 10% or more in machine utilization. If you are willing to have your operators engage with MachineMetrics with operator views, or if you rarely changeover jobs, then you might want to jump to "Setting up Performance Dashboards" that tracks production rates as well as utilization.

If you wish to switch your dashboard from performance to utilization, select the dashboard type from the right hand side of the menu bar and choose "Utilization".

The color of the top bar indicates status of the machine. Green is active, Blue is idle, red is fault, black is disconnected, and yellow is setup (to be covered in later stages).

You can set the default dashboard to Utilization by default by going to settings -> System Settings, select Utilization, and then Save Changes

The Utilization goal can be set individually by Workcenter by going to settings -> Workcenters and clicking the workcenter you wish to edit. Scroll to the bottom of the form and set the Orange and Red utilization percentages. Choose an achievable value to start. Over time those values can be increased.

While in the Workcenter settings, setup notifications on each workcenter so that the appropriate people will be notified if the machine goes inactive for a period of time. You can choose to be notified when the machine's utilization falls below a certain rate, or when the machine is down for a certain amount of time.

Repeat this for each workcenter.

To set your personal notifications settings, go into settings -> Profile. Select the shifts during which you wish to be notified and your notification by email or text preference, then click "update" to save changes.

This is all that's required for setting up your company for monitoring machine status and utilization. You'll want to install big screen TV's on your shop floor. Ideally the TV should be easily visible on the floor. You might want to install a few TV's and have each TV display a different cell of machines. For each TV, you'll want to purchase a Google Chromebit to display the dashboard in google chrome.

Having dashboards installed on your shop floor is a great first step, but you should communicate the goals to your operators so they know what's expected of them and that the dashboard reflects those goals. MachineMetrics is billed by machine, not by user, so don't hesitate giving access to as many employees as you wish. You'll likely find manufacturing managers displaying MachineMetrics dashboards on their personal workstations to keep an eye on status.

Here are a number of useful reports and views that will help your team diagnose problems, and track performance history; even when all that is being tracked is machine utilization.

Utilization Reports

Shop Floor Timelines View

Machine Timeline

Machine Diagnostics

Machine Event Log

Machine Overrides Report







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