MachineMetrics uses breadcrumbs for basic navigation located in the upper left corner of the application. There are 3 primary sections that can be navigated to in MachineMetrics: Shop-Floor Views, Machine Views, and Settings.

Shop-Floor Views

Clicking "Home" will always bring you to the real-time dashboard. Selecting "All Workcenters" will filter the current view to any group of machines. Selecting "Live Dashboard" will display a list of other shop-floor views and reports.

Machine Views

To get to individual machine reports, click or tap any machine tile on the live dashboard. This will bring up a few shortcuts to the machine reports.

Select any of the shortcuts to bring up the associated report. To navigate to other machine reports, select the report from the navigation area on the left-hand side, or navigate with the breadcrumbs. Navigate to other machines with the machine breadcrumb.


Select the gear icon in the upper right section of the application lists all of the settings. You will need to be an administrator to access most of these settings. 

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